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its really that hard to see what i am talking about ?
--- not sure who would direct it, or write it ... maybe the guy that directed "peeping tom" ?
but so far there are no deaths that go along with the OP's pursuits LOL


no it isn't ... it means after he took their candids they didn't go up to him
and threaten him, or cause him trouble.

years ago i used to take candids at late night eateries in and around the boston area ..
drunks, cabbies, drunk cabbies, off duty cops & revelers between 1am and 4am ..
most people knew who i was and what i was up to, the owners didn't care and they looked out for my safety
when the occasional violent drunk saw my camera pointed in his direction and approached me.

in other words, if the people didn't LET him take their CANDIDS they would have approached him ( as the occasional drunk approached me )
grabbed his camera threatened to smash it on his head, or the ground, and then drag him someplace to hit him ...
Sorry, I misunderstood.

I thought he asked their permission before taking the picture, thus making it non-candid.