The process shown in your reference should work fine. Benzyl alcohol is available from Photographers' Formulary and other sources, but it is pretty expensive. It is also necessary for C-22. For reference, here is the official Kodak formula for the developer:

C-22 developer
This is quoted in the reference as the official Kodak formula for C-22 developer.
Water 800 ml
Benzyl alcohol 5 ml
Foamex 0.01ml (anti-foam agent)
Calgon 2.5 g (sodium hexametaphosphate)
Sodium sulfite 1.85g
Sodium bromide 1.4 g
Potassium iodide 0.5 mg (500 micrograms)
Borax (decahydrate) 58.8 g
Sodium hydroxide 12.5 g
CD-3 5 g
Water to make 1 l
pH at 75F = 10.7
Develop the old Kodacolor (C-22 process) about 13 minutes at 75F.
Ref: Dignan Photographic Newsletter, January 1974