On any other day in the Antelope Vally the wind would have killed this shot. This was actually one of the only windless days this year - I was very lucky.

If it was the polarizing filter causing a distortion, that is unfortunate - This shot really benefited from the filter both in sky and color saturation. If it is the lens, that is unusual and confusing because I thought the Caltar/Grandagon was at the top of the food chain for design and quality with only the Angulon or Nikkor left to consider. That is why the thread. I have not had similar problems with this lens on other occasions. This shot is unique in that it is color and I almost never shoot color and so almost never use a polarizing lens. The most common filter for me is a Red 25 with maybe a split ND filter, Or a Yellow if I feel less dramatic. I had read that the smallest aperature should be no greater than the folcal length over 4. So the 75mm shouldn't go any smaller than F22 and a 210mm lens shouldn't go smaller than f32. When i am faced with needing DOF that cannot be obtained with tilts (tall trees and far away hills) I often challenge this idea and stop down anyway. This was one of those occasions that I didn't want to take a chance and went to F32.