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I hope it is clear based, if it is and it is polyester Agfa most likely made it. I would be most enthused just like you to cross process it for some slides to project. One would need to try different ASAs and some E-6 push processing to bring the color saturation up to a desirable level.

I am thinking Maco/Rollei is the only one offering new 127 film so it is a fair bet they have the machinery to do it.

My Baby Rolleiflex 127 film is the only 127 camera I have that does not work well with these 2nd generation plastic spools, I use older metal spools for the take up spool and the film works fine but my Yashica 4x4 cameras are working OK with them.

46mm film from Ilford would be fabulous, it would be a simple matter for me to hire a local printing shop to make the backing paper then gather up many 127 spools and roll up some fine Ilford 127 film, would people give out $10 per roll? perhaps $8? Offer "trade in" money for used 127 spools?

The fine folks at Lomography are not really giving out much useful info about the Lomochrome Purple film, they say company policy is not allowing much if any info to be disclosed, I will know a bit more once my rolls arrive in August.

The Truth IS Out There........There are people out there that know for sure, perhaps they will post?
Are you sure maco/rollei is making 127? I don't believe that's correct... Efke was the last to make 127 film to my knowledge. Anything out there is left over stock...

It works out to be about $5.50/roll of 127 if you bought into the Ilford ULF run. Each 50 foot roll is $120-$130 (depending on supplier). Which is $5.46 to $5.90. And assuming my measurements are correct that's 22 rolls if you don't make any mistakes.

Anyway I'll be shooting all of my Ilford stuff. It's also limited to HP5 so those who don't own fancy adjustable yashika'a are out of luck in terms of exposure.

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