I am beginning to wonder now about Maco/Rollei, they had the largest selection of 127 film, there was Rollei Retro80's, Xpro-200, Rollei Cross Bird, Rollei Night bird, Rollei Infrared B&W. Now we have barely just two Maco/Rollei 127 films for sale, I wonder if they stopped making 127 or did they just ship various 46mm types of film off to EFKE for finishing and packing, perhaps an inquiry directly to Maco/Rollei regarding their 127 film program is in order.

I like the figures for production of 127 film from HP5 46mm film stocks perhaps having some backing paper made may be worth while.

So far a quick look on the search engines is just showing only possibly NOS 127 film for sale, I forgot to check with ADOX