OK, looks like there's another triac just above your circled part -- it's a surface mount part, lower power capacity, which makes sense. The big one with the thermal paste on it must be for the heater control. Either or both of those could be blown, or it could be that the micro (I'm guessing it's just to the left of the transformer, but that photo isn't quite high enough res for me to read the part numbers) is shutting things down.

First thing is to see if the DC supply is working OK -- is the micro getting 5V or 3.3V? There's a bridge rectifier marked BR1 just above the top left corner of the transformer. That probably feeds the fat cap to its right and the chip above it is marked VR1, for Voltage Regulator. There should be a regulated DC output from that chip, which will power the control logic. I'll bet your thermometer measured VR1 instead of the cap above it. What's the big silver and black thing on the edge of the PCB, just to the right of your circled cap?