I am so glad I have stirred a conversation here! I was at a conference these last two days, I took my Argus C3. I think I took a total of 3 shots. I didn't take any with my cell, which has a fantastic 13 million pixel auto-focus
dealibob in it. I don't know if any of those three shots will turn out, but they were not worth me bracketing or metering carefully. I'll not be upset if they don't turn out. I also can't say that I would have taken any more shots
had I brought the one digital camera I own. I prefer film for a number of reasons and am glad people are "coming back to film". In the past two years, I had set my digital camera up to only take manual mode, raw images and
have limited on purpose the number of images I can take by memory card size. I find with those limitations the digi-cam is much slower to shoot than the comparative 135, and I am personally OK with that.

Thanks for so far sharing fantastic stories and thoughts, keep it up!