Sometimes you choose the camera; sometimes the camera chooses you.

Just over a week ago, at the local camera store, I picked up a Nikon camera out of their unlabeled junk bin. It was an N90s. When I asked how much, he said $29.95, but that he'd gladly stick batteries in it to see if it worked. I said if it didn't work, I'd gladly buy the Domke strap attached. He said $4 for the strap.
He put new batteries in and flicked the switch, but the camera's LCD panel stayed dead. So I got the strap for $4 plus tax, with the dead camera attached.
When I got home, just for curiosity I reloaded the camera with batteries. It lit up instantly and functioned perfectly! I just recently spent a few more bucks on eBay to buy a MB-10 grip to put on it.
I'll be taking this instead of my FM up to Wisconsin for a trip next month, since the meter in the FM seems to have given up the ghost.