Sort of "Free" (for the cost of postage and a donation to APUG): Four (4) unopened propacks (20 rolls total) of Kodak Portra ISO400 220 film. This is a black and white emulsion that is processed as C41. The film has a process before date of 09/2005 but has resided, since purchased in mid-2005, if my nephew's memory is correct, amongst the frozen vegetables, meats and other assorted food (and possibly non-food) items that typically reside in the freezer compartment of one's refrigerator. Accordingly the boxes are a little worse for wear. The film (apparently long forgotten, since my nephew is no exclusively a 35mm shooter) was given to me tonight - the result of a discussion on film inventories for an upcoming trip to Jasper National Park...but that's another story. At any rate, if you are interested, PM me ASAP. I will ship - US and Canada only please - the film out Friday morning.