Have to do some juggling of my arsenal to cover the repairs of both my backup F2AS and my newly acquired F3P.

1) Black Nikomat FTn - Camera is in ok cosmetic condition. Needs foam BADLY, and could use a meter overhaul, since there is some short circuiting going on with the shutter speed ring against the ring resistor. Needle pegs itself from time to time. Not much brassing, but it does have some minor dings on the prism. Comes with a chrome Nikomat accessory shoe and a -4 diopter installed. $30 sound fair?

2) Black Nikon F2AS - probably KEH BGN grade. Minor brassing and a couple small dings on the body itself. Finder has some brassing going on, but works fine. P screen installed. Just been refoamed. 791xxxx serial. Comes with body cap and instruction book, as well as AR-1 soft release. $225, obo.

3) Nikon F3HP - this may have to go to cover the F3P overhaul. Some brassing. Camera is a little different looking, since there's a DE-5 that has had the paint scraped off the titanium finish attached to said body. No, hot shoe doesn't work as a hot shoe. Can be used as a cold shoe for a bubble level or an external viewfinder, or with a Vivitar 283/285 flash and a sync cord. Camera will be for sale with a regular back and a B screen installed. 1880xxx serial. Body dates from the 1995-96 time period. Due to the finder cosmetic issues, I'm thinking $150 for this one.

4) Nikon F5 - 3169xxx serial. Pretty nice looking, has a -2 diopter and DK-2 eyecup installed, as well as the weathersealed BS-2 hot shoe cover used on the D3/D4 series digital bodies, and a Really Right Stuff B-F5A quick release plate. Focusing screen is the J-type with a microprism spot, just like what's in the Nikomat FTn. Wish I didn't have to sell it, but have to cover the F2AS meter overhaul that's been done to the prism for my main F2AS and to cover the refoam job on the other F2AS that's listed above. Since I don't have a BF-1A or BF-1B body cap, the camera comes with a 50/1.8 AF Nikkor. Lens is clean, shoots fine, but, if it's allowed to sit, has a sticky diaphragm. I find that it works if I depress the DOF preview before I begin shooting, but it should probably be disassembled and have the oil cleaned off the diaphragm blades. It is the final Japanese version with the rubber focus ring and slide aperture lock, but without the D chip. Instruction book included as well. $350 for the F5 with lens.

PayPal and USPS Money Orders accepted. If sending PayPal as a goods purchase, add 30 cents, plus the 2.9% fee, please. Would rather sell to US buyers. Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail.

Pics will be taken within the next 24-48 hours for everything but the F2AS, which needs to be picked up from the shop.