So I'm at the "mixing my own chems" stage, and I have a little confusion over the different bleaches, fixers and stabilizer baths that exist.

I've thus far only worked with blix's that were Pre-made kits from Arista / jobo / etc

I do know that BLEACH is not Clorox... But that's about all I know.

I also THINK there is a difference between bleach for E-6 and bleach for C-41 and the old guys never get confused even though they aren't labeled "E-6 Bleach" but to those of us newer to the game, it's really confusing.

Also, is the ECN-2 bleach different from the C-41 bleach even though they are both color negative film?

All these questions also apply to the fixers.

In addition, I know that a stabilizer is recommended for E-6 (which I didn't know previously and didn't SEEM to come in the kits) does it also need to be done in the C-41 and ECN-2 as an additional end bath?

I'm OK with buying the Pre-made stuff for now, I don't do replenishment though, so buying a 5 gallon bottle of ready to use bleach / fixer that I'll never get through isn't my favorite choice, so I'm open to learning mixing formulas but only official ones if possible as I've seen some pretty bad "I made this up myself" versions out there that left chunks on the film haha. Wish PE could just release all the formulas already haha

I don't have a processor and do it all in my sink, so keep that in mind too.

Thanks for any and all guidance. APUG for the win!

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