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I do know that BLEACH is not Clorox... But that's about all I know.
My recommendation is you get a firm grasp of what happens in color processing. There are many resources available online, and Haist's books on photographic processes have a great chapter about this topic. Unless you fully understand how C41 and E6 work, at least what each bath is supposed to do in these processes, you won't be able to fine tune the process to your needs, neither would you be able to address poor processing results.

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I also THINK there is a difference between bleach for E-6 and bleach for C-41 and the old guys never get confused even though they aren't labeled "E-6 Bleach" but to those of us newer to the game, it's really confusing.
If you look at color processes, you will see roughly three types of bleach:
  1. Ferricyanide bleaches (no BLIXes! ), like in ECN-2, is the strongest bleach. Although many home brewers use them successfully for E6 and C41, these two processes are neither specified nor tested for Ferricyanide bleach and YMMV.
  2. Ammonium Ferric EDTA bleaches/BLIXes use the weakest bleach compound but work well for C41 and E6, and most kits that come with BLIXes use this compound.
  3. Ammonium Ferric PDTA bleaches (no BLIXes! ) come with several professional C41 kits and are not officially blessed by the manufacturers for E6 work.

Numerous other compounds and mixtures have been patented or published elsewhere for bleaching/BLIXing C41/E6 films, but they are AFAIK not specified or officially tested with today's films.

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Also, is the ECN-2 bleach different from the C-41 bleach even though they are both color negative film?
They use different dyes and are not similarly sensitive to bleach compounds.

Fixers for color processes are, AFAIK, more or less the same for all these processes and are usually based on Ammonium Thiosulfate set to pH 6.5.

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In addition, I know that a stabilizer is recommended for E-6 (which I didn't know previously and didn't SEEM to come in the kits) does it also need to be done in the C-41 and ECN-2 as an additional end bath?
PE has commented on this topic many times over, see here.