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Sometimes you choose the camera; sometimes the camera chooses you.

Just over a week ago, at the local camera store, I picked up a Nikon camera out of their unlabeled junk bin. It was an N90s. When I asked how much, he said $29.95, but that he'd gladly stick batteries in it to see if it worked. I said if it didn't work, I'd gladly buy the Domke strap attached. He said $4 for the strap.
He put new batteries in and flicked the switch, but the camera's LCD panel stayed dead. So I got the strap for $4 plus tax, with the dead camera attached.
When I got home, just for curiosity I reloaded the camera with batteries. It lit up instantly and functioned perfectly! I just recently spent a few more bucks on eBay to buy a MB-10 grip to put on it.
I'll be taking this instead of my FM up to Wisconsin for a trip next month, since the meter in the FM seems to have given up the ghost.
My experience has shown that installing batteries with the proper polarity, that is in the correct direction, generally produces better results. YMMV