Filled out the survey and I would be happy to let people use my darkroom. It's in a separate structure in my backyard.

However, where I live I think people would be far better served going to our EXCELLENT community darkroom, The Newspace Center for Photography. It is cheap to rent by the hour and the facility is amazing. By far the best community darkroom facility I have ever used on the west coast.

I applaud this idea by Ilford and think you should move forward with it. I also think Ilford would do well to really emphasize with people that "darkroom" doesn't necessarily have to be a dedicated space. That is a misconception I run into all the time with people interested in trying out film. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, with access to running water can at the very least develop their own film at home. There are also a ton of creative solutions for printing. Take a look at Ted Forbes as an example on YouTube. He put together a nice enlarger set up that can be wheeled around to any room of the house and tucked away in a corner nice and clean when not in use.

All I'm really saying here is be careful not push the false perception that a darkroom has to be this big grand type setup that requires a ton of extra space.