Dear All,

Firstly: We are now attending to the KENTMERE website to bring it up to date.

Second: For those who liked the discontinued product, we are very, very sorry.

The KENTMERE and ILFORD brands are obviously very different, we discontinued this product as it was no longer viable to coat due to the low volumes sold. The ILFORD range of film and paper products have never had a product range deleted* since HARMAN technology Limited took over, and we have only added NEW products, this is our clearly stated committment to analog photography WE KEEP ALL ILFORD branded products.

* I am sure you will come back at me with ILFORD Cooltone Paper Dev, technically that was a 'NEW product' that never reached profitability and was pulled. Also I am aware some individual items eg sizes or sheet number choices may have been deleted.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited.