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Ruh-roh. Based on Drew Wiley's recommendation I was planning to try it for a colder toned paper. Oh well.
You're still a bit of cash ahead of me:

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...Oh well, I probably just bought my first and last package of Kentmere Fineprint FB. At least you've announced its discontinuation before I set up the temporarily-converted-bathroom-darkroom next week and try printing on it. Money wasted but not time...
Want to buy a 25-sheet 8x10 package, 7 sheets of which I'd already split into 14 5x8s?

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...For those who liked the discontinued product, we are very, very sorry...
Drew Wiley hasn't visited APUG since one day before this thread was started. From another, earlier thread on a different subject:

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Dear Simon - if you had simply produced Kentmere Fineprint and MGWT a couple centuries earlier, we would have been perfectly content over here and never have claimed independence to begin with ... just be forewarned that if you ever ever discontinue either of these wonderful products it will probably constitute grounds for a third world war!
Simon, I'd start construction on that bunker before Drew returns to APUG from wherever he is at the moment.