I have a duplicate copy of this lens, and to help afford the purchase of a new musical instrument that I need, am liquidating this one. It is one of my favorite portrait lenses, being exceptionally sharp and rendering lovely bokeh at open aperture settings. Iíve also enjoyed putting an extension tube on it for macro work.

Havel Camera Repair in San Antonio pronounced it free from defects with the exception of a very (and I emphasize that word) small spot of fungus starting to develop on a rear element. It presently does not affect images, but over time could grow, and need to be cleaned. Iím pricing accordingly now to help account for that cost in your future if so needed.

$250, plus insured shipping and Pay Pay fees (unless you use the gift option).

Iíve bought and sold multiple items here on APUG over the years. My big auction user ID is the same if you want to look at feedback ratings. Thanks for your consideration.