I am back again with another project.

Since the aftermarket for LF equipment in my area is nonexistant (or any cameras, in fact), postage and fleabay prices being close to extortion and me having too much free time at my disposal, I decided to bludgeon myself a 4x5 camera. Nothing fancy, I assure you, just trying to replicate a Crown/Speed Graphic. Without the Graflok back (can't afford). And rangefinder. And rear shutter. Basically, a simple and robust folding camera.
I have already gathered bellows (Crown Graphic ones, I kid you not), 135mm lens and 10 cut film holders. I also have figured out most of the bodywork and how to attach and lock the film holders in place without using rubber bands or gaffer tape. Furthermore, I have a thrashed quarter plate camera that I originally wanted to adapt to eat 4x5 holders but the optics were in horrible condition, the bellows had more holes in them than there are stars in the visible universe and just recently, the body disintegrated when I picked it up. Allright, I can deal with it, atleast the folding bed is not in that awful condition. Scrape away the old paint, buff it up and it could work. Or not.
While measuring various distances, I noticed that the "tail" part (shorter part of the rail that keeps horizontal while the other part gloriously folds up) is a tad bit too short, the lens won't fit. I could devise a recessed lensboard or something like that but I was wondering - what other choices do I have? Making my own rails and that sliding part? But how? Keep in mind, I have no proper workshop, I am just your average Joe who lives in an apartment.
Anyway, if you have any ideas how to solve this then feel free to post your thoughts.
I am not letting this little thing stop me and I am soldiering on and I will finish that camera
Large format is just too tempting.

Now, I could repeat my monorail experiment, described in another thread but I'd like a folding camera since I could just toss it in my backpack easily with a holder or two and go for a hike, make it like a casual thing.