Hi Michael:

Aesthetically the site is very pleasing and it responds quickly in my browser. The self-portrait (I assume) on the Info page is striking and very well chosen.

I am a little bit confused by the organization.

At the bottom of the Info page I see four links: Portraits | Blog | Flickr | Instagram

The Portraits link takes me to a page with a number of moderately sized thumbnails for portraits. Clicking on the thumbnails takes me to some larger versions of several images

At the left side of the Info page there are four more links: Graphite - Environmental - Indoors - Candids

Each of those links takes me to a page with a moderate number of larger images.

I would prefer to see a heading for Portraits, with further sub-headings for particular classifications.

And I would prefer more consistency with thumbnail sizes and image sizes.

It also would help if you identified the images in some way - to help those who might wish to refer to favourites, for example.

Hope this is helpful.