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For the people who don't want to lend out their private darkrooms I still think you should consider supervised access - ie tutoring newbies and getting them into it.

For the overall survey I think it should also including teaching how to self develop b&w, c-41, and e-6 film. This is quite easy to setup in a kitchen somewhere etc and will only strengthen the analog route by getting more people self sufficient and started.
Both very good points. I've given supervised access to my darkrooms on numerous occasions over the years, the amount of actual supervision is down to the skill of the other people using it, and how much help they need.

I think much of it is about teaching people how to be independant in terms of being able to work on their own but then there's another lement that not everyone has the space to have their own darkroom and many don't realise film processing can be done almost anywhere.

Simon's point about giving support to community darkrooms is good but many have closed (in the UK) and the costs of setting up something new is high, on the other hand some of us could expand our darkrooms to give spare capacity that could be shared with others. In my own case I was planning to open a workshop facility (in Greece) but the downturn in the property market put paid to the plans. I'm building a new temporary darkroom but it could easily have an extra pair of enlargers - equipment's not an issue I have it in storage, when I buy somewhere new I will put in teaching facilities and good darkroom space with a view to darkroom rental.