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For those of you who have tried both, which one is your preferred one and why?
I'm a E100VS fan, but the stuff is running out
The original RVP was what I saw my dad using when he shot flowers and cityscapes, but I'm curious what 100 has to offer and how it compares to the current RVP 50
The three velvia's are very different. You can take a look at these for examples..


In short Velvia 100 is known as 'redvia' to many - it pumps a load of red in many situations and kills greens
Velvia 50 is the best by far in my opinion but does go a bit berserk pointed at the sun. It is particularly good at greenery or many sorts and is quite neutral (contrary to popular belief). It moves yellows towards orange and greens toward blue
Velvia 100F is probably the most 'neutral' but hates being overexposed. Skies can go a little weird with Velvia 100F.

Many US photographers like Velvia 100F for desert work I believe - I don't know much about that though..

I'd stick with Velvia 50 for most stuff but it's been discontinued apart from the Japanese market.

You'll probably get on with Velvia 100 but you could try Provia - it's a funny film, good in many situations but goes a bit 'cyany'.