here's a mish-mash of misc stuff laying about. Just moved and need to clean out the small stuff I'm no longer in need of!

please send me a PM if you're interested in something, NOT AN EMAIL

USPS Money Orders are greatly appreciated, Paypal if you cover the fees in-full(extra 4%)

link(s) to picture(s) of each item are below i
here's what I have:

Mamiya RB67 ground glass in-frame
some wear. seems to be solid.
$25 shipped in the USA

Nikonos(not sure which model) o-ring/grease kit
in baggy. o-rings don't seem to be cracked, but don't want to open it.
$12 shipped in the USA

Elinchrom PC sync cord
worked perfectly the last time I used my (now sold off) Elinchrom gear
$25 shipped in the USA

Tiffen 77mm .9 (3 stop) ND filter
comes w/ padded case
some minor marks, but works fine as-is. no ill effects that I can see
$20 shipped in the USA

Hasselblad adjustable neck strap
some wear. see pictures to ascertain condition according to your quality standards. worked fine for me.
$25 shipped in the USA

Hasselblad B60 81A filter w/ case
Some minor marks, but nothing that impacted optical performance according to my negs/chromes.
$20 shipped in the USA

LEE B70 adapter ring
Had to be repaired because the mounting ring came undone from the outer ring. So it has some super glue runoff(see pictures).
$25 shipped in the USA

Hasselblad A12 back
NEEDS CLA & LIGHT SEALS!!! Counter I believe is gummed up. Send it to Dave Odess if you want the best of the best, IMO!
$85 as-is, shipped in the USA

Nikon SC-17 TTL cord
works fine, I don't use any TTL flash stuff anymore
$25 shipped in the USA

Bilora ballhead
TINY little thing. Has 1/4-20 on top, and needs 1/4-20 on bottom to mount to tripod.
I'd only use up to a K1000/F2/equiv weight-wise on this! Made in Germany!
$30 shipped in the USA

Toyo 110x110 --> Technika adapter board
Adapts Toyo/Canham 110x110 boards to accept Technika 96x99mm boards.
a bit scuffed(see pics), but works 100%.
$100 shipped in the USA

please send me any questions if you have any.