I have been pondering what is the simplest method to measure small volumes of the Kodak Flexicolor LU LORR C-41 developer components to do one-shot processing in my rotary processor. (For those times when I don't have enough rolls made up to justify mixing up the whole 5L+ batch.)

If I want to measure out 2L of developer tank solution I come up with numbers like this:

Starting Water 1220.80
Developer LU LORR Part A 122.08
Developer LU LORR Part B 34.18
Developer LU LORR Part C 17.09
Add Water to Make: 1940.00
(Should be…) 545.85
Add Starter: 60.00
Total tank solution: 2000.00

To measure 122.08, 34.18, 17.09 mL seems tricky to do even with a pipettte. Would it not be easier to use a digital scale, say one that was accurate to .01g precision with a 500g capacity? Those sell for cheap. To be really precise I would need to know the specific gravity of each part, which I am not sure Kodak publishes. But I could maybe assume 1.034 which is what they have as a published number for the overall developer.

I am curious if this is a good idea or not?