UPDATING - I am adding a lens to this sale. I have a little brass barrel lens with a wheel aperture in great shape that was recently mounted for me on a Technika board by Reinhold Schable. I bought it from another member here when I was planning on keeping the 8x10 that I recently sold. It didn't get mounted and delivered to me until earlier this week, so I am going to offer it as an incentive for some lucky buyer to take the KMV to Arca board AND the Arca to Linhof adapter. If you take both for $400 including fees and shipping I will include this great little lens. I am into the lens for well over $100 including the board and the mounting, so for the extra $25 this is a great deal, and a nice little lens to add to your 8x10 collection.

The lens is marked "The Compute Lens" one one side of the front ring and on the other side it reads "Wide Angle 8x10". The research I did before buying it led me to conclude that it was a rapid rectilinear with a focal distance of approximately 125mm. Both front and rear elements unscrew easily and are very clean - no scratches or marks. The aperture wheel goes from f/16 to f/256 in full stops. It has a tiny bend in it but rotates fine none the less. It could easily be removed and straightened if it bothers you. The body unscrews well from the flange - no cross threads or tightness. This is also true of both elements. The lens is far from mint cosmetically but is in great shape for its age and is functionally and optically sound.

So...$400 takes the Richard Ritter custom KMV adapter, the Horseman adapter, AND the little brass wide angle lens, including all fees and shipping within North America.