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Each camera I own speaks its own language. Because of this each camera has its own unique way to assist me in saying what I'm trying to say. I decide which one to pick up based on the mood I'm in and the story I want to tell. I would no more intentionally sell off a second or third camera on a whim than I would intentionally forget a second or third language on a whim.

If I have several cameras from which to choose and I can't seem to ever choose one and so find myself taking less pictures and telling fewer stories, it's not the choice of cameras that is at fault.

What if you had a house full of hobbies, too much junk, and not enough ordinary comfort? Junk lying around everywhere is a ship dragging anchor. I'm tired of all this junk (stuff, equipment, whatever). You guys on this site have been inspiring. I just want to take pictures. I got bit by the bug in 1971, and really want to just get back to it. I thank god it wasn't the golf-bug my 82 year-old-Dad still has. With that, I'll conclude my thread-hogging.