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^ I should stick to standard names like Velvia and Provia... I do tend to drift off into my more common working referrals of films. I agree the abbreviations could have been made more meaningful by manufacturers, that point is valid. But what we have is OK after a bit of getting use to.
True, my brain in general seems to not do as well as many others in the film community.

As for the OP's question, for my purposes I did find that Velvia50 of all the Velvia's was my favorite, but that Provia100f seems more applicable OVERALL to more things. It's also still available in 4x5 where Veliva50 isn't (in USA).

Rather than learn different films in different formats, I tend to try and stick with the same film no matter what format, the base might be different but in general it helps to stick with something that can go cross platform IMO.