For ECN-2, you can use the same Blix you use for C-41. If you work with E-6, you can also use that Blix for ECN-2.
There is also a kind of "Multi"-Blix from Tetenal, which works for C-41 and E-6. This also can be used for ECN-2.
I do so longer time without problems.
If you need longtime stability for ECN-2, use the stabilizer from an E-6 kit. This contains Formaline and ECN-2 also needs Formaline as stabilizer.
C-41 stabilizer doesn't contain Formaline and has no effect with ECN-2.

One thing about the self mixed ECN-2 developer: Lifetime is very very short (about 1 week), so mix small batches only and use it one shot or process more films the same day.