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Could you say what is the production status of Ilford PAN 100 and 400, please? Have they been discontinued? There isn't any information about these films on your website.

I can't figure out why a film made in the UK sells for a higher price than one made elsewhere. I'm talking specifically about Kentmere films. Until last year they were sold at competitive prices at the retail point and about the same as other films of same quality from the continent. Then the retail price jumped to about 1 more per roll, where others had a smaller price increase.
On the above: It is unlikely they have been discontinued. Firstcall is still selling the Pan 400 and maybe the 100 as well. I stopped looking after I had found the 400 film. The 100 and 400 aren't widely available in the U.K. It seems that Ilford has decided that their markets are elsewhere but certain retailers are able to get hold of them

On the second point a number of us in the U.K. keep asking the same question. Some even buy their film from the U.S. and find it cheaper even with customs duty etc than purchasing in the U.K.