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To be fair, so far there is no discussion at that very thread at Flickr to re-introduce films from 50 years ago.

If a a new owner or someone ordering a custom coating starts up photographic production again, I don't see why that should be with old old formulae instead of the latest technology of Ferrania.
With respect, you need to re-read the thread, admittedly it's long and wanders all over the place but it contains this remark:

"Finally, it would also be interesting to put back into production some historical Ferrania emulsions, such as Pancro 30".

The point I was making, is that if the new outfit are persuaded by such calls to manufacture B & W film that cannot be good news for the several existing B & W film manufacturers. I think if the new filmferrania were to re-introduce some of the colour films, particularly in sizes such as 126, that would be useful to many of us, but I have reservations about them manufacturing monochrome film. Something which the old Ferrania hadn't done for about 50 years or so.