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I am upset that cursive is no longer taught in our schools. My youngest is still in high school, and has beautiful hand writing(because I taught her). I won penmanship awards in elementary (catholic)school, had to excel to keep the penguins from hitting me. I'm naturally left handed, and was routinly cracked on the knuckles with a wooden pointer for it, forcing me to write right handed. They also taught us latin and french, as they were a French-Canadian order of nuns.
Being left handed, I was lucky to be in a public school, I only lost boxes of crayons. After the 5th box however my mother had a little chat with the principal who lived one block away from us (Ah the joys of a small Wyoming town). After that the teacher left me alone, except for missing lots of recess that year. Technology was my ultimate savior when not to long after that my parents bought a TRS-80 model 1. My grades went up by a lot because teachers could read what I was writing.

As for something being written by 20 year olds, they write? I thought everything thy did these days they did everything electronically! When I was in classes, I was often the only one with a pen and paper taking notes, everyone else was using either a tablet or laptop.