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Haven't tried a Ross Xpres myself, but post some sample shots. I'm curious.
Um, David, my Ensign Selfix 820 has a coated front-cell focusing 105/3.8 Xpres. Not as sharp, even when used carefully, as the uncoated 101/4.5 Ektar I use on my Graphics, so the Selfix usually stays in the drawer. I'm not as sensitive to types of blur as many here, don't see anything remarkable about the pictures I've taken with the Selfix.

I have and have taken trial shots with a 5"/4 WA Xpres, a completely different lens. Mine is ex-Air Ministry, is fairly sharp but very, very flary. I just don't know about these things ...

Sorry, no scans. Not that I'm anti-digital -- how can one be opposed to a tool? -- but I'm non-digital.