Freestyle has been aggressively pushing their Adox Premium VCFB - a damn good paper in its own right, but so far I haven't found any way to
turn it into a true cold tone like I could do with Fineprint or Polygrade V. It is largely immune to gold toner. There goes about half my 8x10
negs which were deliberately shot for cool tone. The other half will fit onto the scope of MGWT, which thankfully looks like it will stay around.
I might try Oriental VC again, but every time previously it seemed anemic - color analogous to the classic old Seagull G, but nowhere near the
punch. Looks like there's going to be a huge vacuum for a premium cool-toned paper. I've already invested so much money stockpiling film and rare supplies that this is going to be a hurdle. B&H still shows Kentmere as a special order item, so I'm probably try to acquire a few boxes. I've got only one box of 20x24 on hand, and have nearly run out of my old Polygrade V too. Fineprint also got an undeserved bad rap
because a few sheets here and there had little coating holidays. I saw maybe two sheets like that, and a friend of mine got a bad sheet or
two, but most of the paper was perfectly good. Hopefully Ilford or someone else will get their thinking cap on and see the market potential for a premium cold toned paper. I don't know if there is any reasonably fresh inventory of graded Galerie anywhere. But Simon should be
forewarned, the NSA has already scooped the formula for Fineprint, and a malcontent defector has threatened to leak it to the British tabloids! And maybe its time to dump any prints toned with British tea into the Boston harbor!