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If you say that velvia 100 is essentially the same as 50, you haven't put it through it's paces. In many cases they are very close. In others, things get ugly. Mainly red as others mentioned and not just in shadows. I was showing a friend some 4x5 chromes over the weekend and he asked "why are these trees purple (pines with red bark) in this one and not in this one?" Rvp 100 vs. rvp, that's why. I only use it when I need the speed/reduced reciprocity.

Also, I'm not sure what provia has to do with the op's question. Totally different animal.
I guess, as having less experience, I shot a few rolls of Velvia 50, Velvia 100 and Provia 100f of the same sunrise to see the differences, yes there was a one difference as these were taken over the course of an hour (in -15 degrees Fahrenheit temps) overlooking the Grand Canyon, and certainly for the Velvia50 I didn't account properly for the poorer reciprocity characteristics, and some were under exposed even being 2-5 minute exposures. But I didn't find the red/orange sunrise to be so significantly different from Velvia to Provia that I would call them different animals. Again, not as experienced so forgive me if I'm saying outlandish things. I was told Velvia100f was too muted in color and not to bother so I never tested that and (from what I've read ^^ it's discontinued anyway?)

So that's why I mentioned it, it's part of the few remaining chromes left and is still higher than true color saturated so why not mention it as a potential side option.

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