I got myself a Kowa Kallo 35 rangefinder. I checked the web, but didn't find any info on this peticular model:
- build-in light meter (not coupled)
- lens: Prominar F.C. f/2.8 48 mm Kowa Opt. Works No. 2520172 (front lens is removable)
- shutter: Seikosha-MXL, 1 sec - 1/500 sec, Bulb
- camera serial number 65409
- film winder at the bottom, not op top.
The camera is in very good condition, lens is clean, rangefinder clear, shutter works good at all speeds.

Can anyone tell me more about this type of Kallo 35 rangefinder?
And are these camera and/or lens any good?

Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 072.jpg Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 071.jpg Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 073.jpg Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 074.jpg
Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 075.jpg Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 076.jpg Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 077.jpg Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 078.jpg