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And, PE, I do adore your quote: "Wait until you have to read something "written" by a 20 something modern person!". Academics seems to be, essentially, either meaningless in today's culture or subordinated to the level of mediocrity. Just try STUDYING in today's noisy libraries and just try SUGGESTING to the staff that the (yes, THEIR) noise level be kept down. A year ago in the (exclusive!!!) Rittenhouse Square branch of the Philadelphia Free Library there were two rather well-to-do women whose screaming children (about 5 years old) kept the Library at bay for 45 minutes!!! And I do not know for how long afterward because I told them, in a bit of a forceful voice (but not yelling) that they were not the only people here entitled to use the library. The big, black guard immediately told me not to talk to them that way (he was defending this affluent, white privilege) (!!!). I simply left because one simply cannot cut through that combination of adrenalin and moxie without going mad in this neurotic city of fools.

I don't go to libraries, they have nothing I could use right now. Whenever I go, there is just way too much noise and distractions these days. As far as the educational system, I will only comment from my personal observations, which is that the current system is good for training students to spit out facts and figures and just plain rote memorizing. I saw it a lot in my college classes that I was taking. When the tests were multiple choice, most students seemed to do pretty well, but when there was any kind of critical thought, say in an essay test, the grades went down the drain fast. The students weren't taught any kind of critical thinking skills.

As for Philadelphia, lets just say it has a reputation for a reason...

Rick: i must be younger (63) than you: because, also, I am left-handed, but was never punished for that indiscretion. And, long ago, I forgot how to write (except my signature). I print always. - David Lyga
I don't write either, I always print. I'm 44.