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I am upset that cursive is no longer taught in our schools. My youngest is still in high school, and has beautiful hand writing(because I taught her).
The traditionalist in me agrees. However, the practical part of me disagrees.

I had an argument with my daughter's teacher. She was trying to get her to write with joined letters and loops in the current prescribed style but my daughter was having trouble writing anything legible.

When I write by hand I write each letter separately and simply so I showed her the same method. Her teacher complained that if she didn't do it the school's way, she wouldn't pass the Key Stage assessment (whatever that means).

I didn't care about that. I would rather have her writing legibly than an unreadable mess.

I don't see why they should have to join letters up. When you type on a computer or read a book the letters are not joined so why should they be when hand written?

Having said that, when done well it does look nice.