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Hi! I've read this forum for a little while and enjoyed a lot of good tips and trix. Just started to develop color negative and runned into some problem. As you can see on the pic I got some strange things going on in the left and right part of the pic. I doesn't show on all frames in the roll, at least not what I can see. This shot is taken with studio flash and a grey background so it becomes very obvious. I haven't had this problem with b/w. I develop in Digibase C41 and have tried both 38 degrees and 25 degrees.
Is this a light leak maybe from the roll not getting rolled up tight enough or is it a dev error? I have tried to agitate both by turning my paterson tank upside down and by just turning the little stick. The negs got better when I stopped turning it every 30 sec and just twisted the stick every 1 min in 25 degrees and 13 min. The film is Kodak Portra 160 and is shot with a Mamiya 645 AFD II.
Does anyone have a clue?

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This is a typical issue of underdevelopment or underexposure, whatever it is, your negatives are too 'thin', not dense enough... so when scanned or digitally photographed those weird tones appear, I can see it in the over emphasised dust on the original image, also if you bring that image to photoshop or similar and play with the curves (contrast and blackpoint) you get something very similar to your second example.... the point is: the second sample you posted will have exactly the same problems as the first, you are just hiding them with the contrast applied to the digital file..

So the problem here is you are either underexposing pretty bad the negative (shooting 2 or 3 stops under what one can call a 'good' exposure) or your temperature or dev time is lower than what it should be..

Try to find a properly exposed negative and compare it to yours, do you see a difference in regards of density?

Google for 'thin negative' 'negatives are too thin' or something like that....