The other way of looking at this photographic sea change is the real potential for more thoughtful work to arise. We're aware of the impulsive drive to 'shoot, shoot, shoot' that new technology facilitates and at the same time, increasingly conscious of the consequences - one of which is at the root of this thread (somewhere...). In all facets of life, people are becoming enlightened (for lack of a better word) - socially, politically, environmentally. Questioning, all said and done, isn't a bad thing and the best art/photography - as is often said - doesn't give us satisfying answers, but more often asks challenging questions. If you're forced to think "should I/shouldn't I?", you're in a position of responsibility - of representation in our case. This puts photography in a very important social and cultural place. Looking at the history of photography, you get the feeling this hasn't always been the case. So make the most of the time you live in.