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So I have developed my first roll of C-41 using my water bath and aquarium heater/water pump setup. For the most part I'm pretty satisfied with the results,but there are a couple questions about the way the film turned out. Specifically, some of the pictures have really bad grain, and the picture of the table saw seems to have a lot of something. Below is the link to the pictures and I would really appreciate some feedback and comments.


The pictures were taken with a "new"(to me) Maxxum 300xi, set to automatic with kodak max 400, in my mother-in-law's house and basement of random things.
You have mistakenly posted incorrect link. This will direct people to their own albums. To share any of your album, point your cursor to the title of the album and right-click > copy link and post it here. Also make sure you have set viewing permissions to public for that album.

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