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You can't rely on other people's experience, if you want to appreciate the difference between these films I suggest you shoot them.
True, but the experience of others over a long period time, combined, can enhance awareness of problems and pitfalls with almost anything in life. Film like Velvia is expensive, and will continue to be so. Arming yourself with the knowledge and experience helps make the investment worthwhile and less fraught. Not everybody starting out with the first roll of Velvia will be pleased with the results, chiefly because they haven't done their research; it is a bit of an acquired taste and knowledge of how to use it in conditions that it responds very well to is what is important. Once you've mastered that, you're set!

I would not be surprised if Velvia 100F is given the chop any time soon. It has been universally scorned for its quirky colour palette and lack of punch compared to 50. But is it a case of "one man's tonic is another man's poison"? I'm sure it has its ardent followers who like the flashy, avant garde palette far removed from its stablemate. I suggest the OP take careful note of all comments made in this thread and buy a roll of one of the Velvias, expose them and examine the results with a critical eye. That will be an interesting experience.