I use a system similar to Fred Picker's. I take a separate sheet of paper and record exposure, dodging and burning information. I only do contact prints now, so there's no f/stop.

I draw boxes down the side of the page in the shape of the print and record each step - basic exposure, dodging using little circles with the amount out to the side, burning in using slashmarks with the time out to the side.

I write the paper grade and type and the basic exposure on the back of the print when I am testing and doing more than one at a time. For the final print after I've worked out the printing, I write nothing on the back.

If you can get a copy of Picker's video on printing (ebay - the library - some camera clubs) take a look. He goes through the entire process and there's a lot of information there, even if you don't do everything the way he did.