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To each their own regarding dry mounting, but I always refer back to the photography conservationist I had a conversation with. Her name is Patty Landres, and works/workes at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. When I first started seriously photographing, and asked her advice for mounting my prints, she very assertively exclaimed the following: "Whatever you do, do NOT dry mount your photographs. Ever".
And then began to explain to me what a pain in the neck it is to try to save a print where something had happened to the board the print was mounted to. You may draw your own conclusions, but I don't think advice gets more expert than that.

Thats what I was taught by my photography professor. Do not do anything that can not be undone. Never dry mount ,and sign with a pencil rather then a pen, referring to fiber based prints. For RC prints I would think a pen would be ok because it is coated and not likely to bleed. Signing and titling the print on the bottom white border was acceptable, but it really a matter of personal preference. If you photograph is strong enough signing it isn't distracting. I would worry more about un spotted dust spots or someones hair getting trapped between the print and the glass, now that is distracting.