Simon - While this is strictly my opinion - Those of us that have darkrooms available for outside use, usually end up dumping the idea. Why? No interest.

The service we offer provides no use of a darkroom for the processed film [B&W-slides], yet volume continues to go down.

We have a "full-blown" B&W neg darkroom. [We even recently sold our 1840 10x10.] It is fully equipped: ILFORD-RC printer, fibre-print dryer, full sized darkroom sink, durst 138, winglynch and enterprise film processors + rack and 3.5gal-tanks & SS-reels. 35mm~8x10 neg film capable[film process]. to 20x24 print capable.

We have watched a few darkroom rental places 'close' in recent years, and a few that are in the same position as us. We would rent our darkroom out, for certain! The problem is, no one would pay to use it..

At least in Denver, I don't see this ever working. Id be happy to rent out our neg/print darkroom. I think it would just sit empty.. as it has the day we closed it down - no one wanted to pay the price for the service.

I have always advocated, that who is left in the photo industry should group together to save what is left. It's turned into a dog-eat-dog arena and the god-complex scenario..

..nice idea though. It is good to dream.

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Dear Apugger,

We recently invited followers of our facebook page to take part in a survey which 1,700 photographers completed on-line, it told us amongst other things that well over 30% of those who took part have no access to a darkroom, but would love to have access, if it was available near where they live.

The survey was designed to try and understand just how many photographers shoot film but are unable to access darkroom facilities. It is our belief that without darkroom access those shooting film don't enjoy the craft experience to the full extent, and of course miss out on the magic of the darkroom.

We want to try and create a worldwide web site, which HARMAN will invest money and resource in, which brings those with a darkroom into contact with those who do not, our belief and experience of APUG members is that they would wish to support such an idea and I have inserted a link below for you to take part in a survey that asks key questions. We want to hear and understand your views and opinions and test out our 'concept' in the real world, so if you think the idea is great, or mad ! please take the survey, all individual feedback is kept confidential but we will of course share an overview of our findings with the APUG community in due course.

If we go ahead with the idea we intend to give ABSOLUTE TOP BILLING to the amazing people who offer HIRE DARKROOMS and COMMUNITY darkrooms around the world who have already done so much for supporting our craft.

With Many Thanks

Simon. ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :