I fell into the RB67 by accident. When I started looking for a MF camera, my first thought was Hassleblad. We had one at work on a job I had many years ago and I used it a few times, so that was the first thing to pop into my mind. It popped out real quick when I found out what Hassy gear was going for. So I hiked on over to the Manual Focus Forum and read up on what they had to say about MF there. Most of the posts recommended Bronica or the RB67. Bronica didn't do much for me so I started looking for a RB67.

I quickly settled on the Pro SD and found one I liked on Ebay. Interestingly the seller was in South Korea, but even including the shipping it was as cheap as ones from US sellers and from the photos it looked pretty mint. It took one day to get from Seoul to Chicago, sat in customs for three days, and I got it the day after it was released from customs. It was as nice as it looked in the photos and I am very happy with it.

The forum I was on didn't mention the RZ67, but then again it is the MANUAL Focus Forum! RZ lenses and backs seem to be less expensive than RB gear but I think the RZ might be too modern for me! My biggest problem now is focusing but I plan on getting a split image focusing screen next month so that problem should be solved.

The focusing screen and a heavier tripod should fill out my kit. I'm thinking of a Slik 700DX, has anyone had any experience with this tripod? I'm pretty sure I want a pan head; ball heads may be ok on a lighter camera but I think a pan head is a wiser choice for the RB.