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If general paranoia about candid/street photography continues, these could become the least documented times since the box brownie. Most of my stuff consists of people at events, parades, festivals, village fetes and so on, a subject I've been covering since the 1970s. Recent years have definitely shown a rise in suspicion of what I do. Whether this is because I'm no longer the handsome cove I was, and fit the weird old man category more easily, or if it's a sharp rise in the fear and loathing index, is hard to say.

I mentioned to a parent a few days ago at a fete, that I probably had photographs of her child when he was the similar age to the present participants (about ten years ago), and she seemed slightly taken aback, then gratified that someone had seen fit to make a record and requested a look at some of the shots. The photographs are not portraits, but street style images that include people (of all ages), though it's impossible to explain such nuances when you're pointing a camera.
Direct confrontation is rare, although I did have one two days ago. I was photographing someone passing an amusing billboard from the car waiting at traffic lights. A nearby driver assumed he was in shot, and with a theatrical revving of his engine and squeal of tyres, pulled alongside and demanded to know what I was 'taking pictures of'. I vaguely pointed, the lights turned green and he peeled away. Some people just have short fuses and you have to roll with it.
This is the MOST documented time ever, especially when you consider feeds like Instagram and vine, it's amazing people have time to live with all the images they are taking, they are just not using film...

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