I got me an old Kowa Kallo 35 rangefinder (with case) in good working order and a Kodak Retina II automatic.
I don't trust the shutter of the Retina (will test). The small nameplate is also missing (right above lens).
The set was $30 along with some other junk.

I don't know much about the Kolla rangefinder (from Japan, 1950's) so I posted a thread in the Rangefinder section. See:

No luck yet, so if you can tell me something about this camera I would be grateful.
Bert from Holland

Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 075.jpg Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 074.jpg Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 078.jpg Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 076.jpg Kowa-Kallo-35-rangefinder 071.jpg
(Kowa Kallo 35)
Kodak_Retina_II_automatic-front.jpg(Kodak Retina II automatic)