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I've had a 3A sitting in my closet for a couple of years now waiting for me to get around to working on it. Have you seen Bob Monaghan's 3A page ?
He recommends glueing a thin sheet of glass in the back to keep the film flat ... did you do anything like that, or just use 120 film as-is?

I put a thin piece of sponge behind a piece of Delrin that's been carefully sanded on the edges, with this assembly glued to the back of the camera. The sponge provides a bit of pressure without crushing the film...sort of like a pressure plate on a big spring. (Note that the left and right edges of the Delrin were sanded so the backing paper could get onto the plastic without bunching up...when I first tried this this a piece of Delrin I'd just cut out and not sanded, the paper backing would catch on the corner of the plastic.)

I made the film channel (in front of the film) from Delrin as well. I made a channel (about 3mm wide) for the edges of the film to ride in. So far I've been able to run film thought this whole assembly and the film looks flat, but I'll have to get the project completed and do some testing before I'm absolutely sure. I don't yet have the focusing distances marked, and my film holders are temporary affairs. I still have to build the rods to hold the film and the take-up spool, get the lens distances marked, figure out what I'm going to do about film advance (red window or just count the turns of the knob), and then I'll be ready to try out the whole thing. Unfortunately, health issues are keeping me from finishing this project...I really want to get this one done.

(Incidentally, the B&L Rapid Rectilinear lens from this camera is great on my 4x5...a real "old time" look.)