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No new shoulder here, the most noteworthy event last week was an unintended and failed attempt to cut off the tip of my left index finger with a pair of garden scissors. Note to self: no more gardening in the dark. Continuing on the left/right handed theme of Rick, I did notice after the event that I'm not as right-handed as I thought I was. Anyway, still seems like a very minor incident compared to getting a new shoulder, so: good luck to you, Shawn!

As for the whereabouts of the cameras... The Olympus was last seen a week ago on Monday, when I handed it over to a lady at the post office. And YES, she was standing on the other side of the desk, YES, she was in a uniform of sorts, NO, it was not just a random customer. Haven't heard of it since, although the track and trace system tells me that it has arrived in Denmark. Arrived, not neccessarily delivered. Waiting for more news.
This appears to be the latest mention about the Stylus' whereabouts. From mid-June. If Nicholai received the camera, it would have been several weeks ago. I've sent him an IM and will send an email tomorrow.

Methinks the rains are coming. We used to have the hounds ready to go for something like this.