great thread !

ming, some caffenol folks ( over on flickr in the palace )
use salt in their caffenol developer to reduce fog ..
its fun to see other folks experiment with it ...

did you get a chance to print any of your experiments ? some
salty film looks better electrified, some looks better contact printed, and others look best enlarged
i guess the trick with film is to dovetail the whole chain .. film>dev> what type of print ...

don't stop having fun and experimenting, its when you get off the main road you see the good-stuff.
and don't listen to the nay-sayers, sometimes they just enjoy stepping on everyone's buzz ...

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We should not be so quick to shout NO to new or unusual approaches to working with analog processes. When I first tried Caffenol printing in 2007, I was told on this very forum that the idea was a complete waste of time. I suppose the votes are still out on that, but over the last six years, Caffenol has become my primary paper developer. It is the spirit of experimentation over these years which has allowed me to adjust my formula and process to raise the quality of my Caffenol work above random, haphazard results to controllable, consistent prints. I can and do make "traditional" silver prints on a regular basis, but it is my caffenol work which catches the eye of gallery owners and these are by far the prints in my portfolio which sell. When I first began working with this process it seemed that I was all alone; now there are dozens of fine printers pushing the process beyond anything I imagined when I first began. Had I listened to the nay-sayers when I first posed the question, I would never have experienced the great joy I have in this process.

couldn't agree more tom !