I tried out the screwount world and have decided I actually prefer the older Contax RF handling so will be letting this gem go.

This great IIIf Red Dial (#6255**) was done over by Youxin Ye in October of 2011.
It needed a new shutter curtain, and the best upgrade imo is the new rangefinder mirror.
Rangefinder spot contrast is great and focussing is a snap.
Rest of the camera was CLA'd web_L3M0354.JPGweb_L3M0354.JPGweb_L3M0355.JPGweb_L3M0357.JPGso shutter speeds and frame spacing all work as they should.

I'll throw in the Industar 50 3.5 lens shown mounted here. I have never even tested this lens but I see no reason that it wont perform up to it's reputation.

I'd like to see $ 350.00usd net to me with shipping and any fees extra.
I'd also like to stay in the states for now. International sales considered for established apuggers.

I know I will probably regret letting this go but for now...

Thanks for looking.